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In the boutique where I bought my wedding dress, there was a photo on the wall of a little girl in her mother's wedding gown. It was so big on her, but you could tell by her face that the little girl felt like a princess. I remember looking at it as a new bride who still worked in film and had never held a digital camera, and thinking, oooh! One day, if we ever have a little girl, I'm going to take a portrait of her like that.

It only took fifteen years (and a lot of chocolate bribes), but I finally got it to happen.

These photos means so much to me, because not only is it my beautiful daughter in the dress I wore on the happiest day of my life, but it is a sign of where our marriage is today and how far we've come. The past and future, the plans and dreams we had for our life together, right here, real. Plus, it also is an inspiring reminder of how far I've come professionally and artistically since I first conceived of this session.

And I really didn't need that extra chocolate anyway.


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