Edison James | Fresh 48 | Portsmouth, VA

Isn't this a lovely photo of new parents with their first baby?

Psych! This is Edison, and he's his parents' fourth kid. But look at those faces. That wonder and tenderness and delight is always the same whether it's the first, fourth, or fourteenth baby.

Brand new babies change SO much in the first few days of life. Their facial features unflatten, their hair begins to either grow in more thickly or fall out. Their spindly little arms and legs start to fatten up and stretch out, uncurling from the tight contours they've experienced for nine months. After those first few days, everything starts to go so fast, the days and weeks and months and years spinning by with dizzying speed.

But in those first 48 hours, tucked away in the hospital, or birthing center, or at home, it's like time stands still for a little bit. The outside world seems to recede. It's just the parents, the family, and this tiny, squishy, amazing new person. And (fingers crossed!) a photographer, to capture all of it.

Welcome to the world, Edison, and congrats on picking such a wonderful family. I look forward to watching you grow. <3

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