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This is one of the most frequent questions I get from clients here in Hampton Roads: do you do milk baths?

Why, yes. I do!

hampton roads milk bath session

But not as often as I'd like. Most people who are interested eventually end up deciding to do something else for their session. For some reason, the milk bath seems a little too daring, or too complicated. So I am here to demystify the milk bath process for you!

How do they work? It's easy. Milk + bath + you. Well -- SOME kind of milk. Sometimes I use powdered because it's cheaper and you need a lot. Sometimes for baby or newborn milk baths, I use cornstarch, as it tends to be "milkier" looking than real milk in certain lighting conditions, go figure (and because I'm using a smaller tub I can toss it in the yard after, you definitely don't want to put cornstarch down your drain!)

Where can we do a milk bath session? Do we need a particular type of bathtub? Nope. We can do it in your home. A gorgeous antique clawfoot tub helps but these photos below I took in my tan 1970s tub in my windowless bathroom. We can even use a kiddie pool and towels if we need a bigger space.

What kinds of sessions are milk baths good for? SO many. Pregnancy sessions, newborn mommy (or daddy!) and baby sessions, breastfeeding sessions, child portrait sessions, first or second birthday sessions. I especially like the idea for bigger babies and breastfeeding mamas who are looking for a creative way to use up their leftover freezer stash.

I love milk bath sessions! I think they look especially nice as our heritage wood block prints, hanging in a cluster in a family room or bedroom. Would you ever do a milk bath?

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