Feeding Tube Awareness Week | Special Needs | Hampton, VA

This week, February 5-9, is Feeding Tube Awareness Week.

When my best friend D. asked me two years ago to take photos for her adoption book, I was only too honored! The thought of helping an amazing family reach their long hoped-for baby was so exciting and meaningful to me. I know that many adoption journeys can last for years, but I kept my fingers crossed that my friends would be connected with their baby sooner rather than later.

And they were.

When D. told me that they had found their son, I was ecstatic for them. He had some special features, one of which is his "button" -- the G-tube that would help him receive the nutrition that he needed to grow and get strong.

When we did Baby Boy's welcome home photos, we were sure to highlight his button the same way we would any other adorable baby belly button. We love his tube! It gives him life and is part of the reason he is as healthy and happy that he is today. I'm so grateful to Baby Boy's doctors and nurses for being there to give him what he needed and his parents and big sister, for being strong and brave and as knowledgeable as those health care providers! They really are rockstars.

To learn more about what it means to love someone with a tube, go here. And remember all belly buttons are beautiful!

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