Toby and Juliet | Portraits | Norfolk, VA

S. and her children (British accents, gigantic violet eyes) accompanied us to the Hermitage Museum's Stickwork exhibit when it was new, a loooong time ago, and I brought my camera along to try out a new lens. I didn't intend to tell a story with the photos but what I found when I FINALLY went back to edit a few days ago was a story nonetheless. Tell me, do you see the story -- a brother and sister going out and discovering a magic place? It's almost as if the photos were taken to illustrate some kind of Narnia-like picture book.

But it's real. It wasn't staged. I didn't give the kids one direction, just sat back and snapped a shot here and there while talking to friends and making sure Gus AKA Bam-Bam didn't accidentally pull the whole thing down with his baby strength. And that reminded me of what is so important: that when you are a little kid, EVERYTHING is an adventure, a fairy tale. The whole world is waiting to be discovered.

What a cool thing to be able to capture that.

This time of year can be hard for photographers. It's cold. It's gray and often rainy. The leaves and flowers are gone. But I kind of love it anyway. I love texture in my images -- and in the winter, there's texture everywhere. Not just lush leafy trees and grasses. Sticks. Bark. Stone walls. Gravel. Nubbly sweaters. And it seems to stand out more because everything is bare. (But we won't complain when the leaves and flowers come back either. )

What's your favorite thing about this late-wintry time of year?

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