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When some people think newborn session, they think of a POSED newborn session, with babies posed on beanbags with props and buckets and sweet furry backgrounds. I am a huge fan of those sessions. They make lovely prints to display. But I do feel, when I see them, like a big chunk of the story is missing. The exhausted joy on the new parents faces. The beloved pets creeping up close to their new little person. The tentative hands learning to diaper, and feed, and soothe. All the trappings of home...which is now expanding by one tiny baby's worth of bulk.

At Willow Bay, we do offer some posed shots in our newborn sessions...but much of the shoot will be a lifestyle session. That means that in addition to shots like these:

We'll get a lot of shots like these:

This way we get the whole story. The smile on grandma's face. The way baby's fingers curl around big sisters, or mama's hair. All of the love, and tenderness, and excitement that comes with a new arrival.

If this sounds good to you, let's chat. If you want just the posed portraits, that's wonderful too, and I can recommend some excellent studio photographers. Just say the word.

Some other things to know about lifestyle newborn sessions:

They take place at a non-studio location. Most often and ideally, this means your home. Though Fresh 48 sessions, which take place in the hospital, have a similar vibe and are a lot of fun.

NO, you don't have to clean your house! I've seen it all and nobody expects your house to be spic and span. You just had a baby! Besides, I am good at cutting out clutter with camera angles (I get to practice on my own house, after all).

You should budget at least two hours for this session. Baby will need to nap, to eat, to be soothed and cuddled, and I want to get every little bit.

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