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Around Christmas, a canvas we'd ordered from a recent family session arrived and as we hung it on our living room wall, my six-year-old daughter looked at it and proclaimed: "It's like we're in a museum!" As a mom, I was glad she enjoyed it but as a photographer, it made me know I'd done my job just right. Because she now knows in a very real way that our family is its own work of art, precious and valuable. That she is precious and valuable.

So many times in the past when I have heard from clients they admit to me that their beautiful photos that we worked so hard on are still buried on their hard drives, or on a disk in a drawer somewhere. That makes me feel like I've failed! My job is not only to capture your precious moments but to help you make them part of your daily life.

To encourage you to do this, when you book with Willow Bay Photography in 2018, a portion of your session fee will be refunded to you to get you started purchasing print products. Here are some of the amazing new products that I'll be offering this year.

-Prints that can be delivered matted or mounted for framing.

-High-end wrapped canvases that would be as at home in an art gallery as in your living room.

-Heritage wood prints made from sustainable timber sources to last a hundred years.

And then there's my favorite: the heirloom folio boxes. Or treasure chests, as I like to call them. Filled with up to 25 matted 8x10 prints, that can be displayed on an easel or in frames. Or you can keep them in the box to go through whenever you want to relive special moments. The box itself also functions as a beautiful display piece.

One of my favorite things about the folio boxes is that you can add prints to them over the years. When your kids grow up and start families of their own, it will be easy for them to take these prints and hang them in their own homes, and even pass them down to their own children. Because just like the art in the museum, your family's masterpieces will be delivered on the highest quality, archival materials, meant to last for generations.

And if you're not sure which of these products will work best for your family...well, that's one of the reasons why, when you book with Willow Bay, you get a complimentary pre-session consult, where, if you'd like, you get to see the samples, touch them and feel their quality, and even view what they'd look like in your home. And see how much better they are than just digital files!

(But what about those digital files, you might ask? Don't worry. For each print product that you purchase, you will also receive a digital file of the image, to share on social media or give as gift prints.)

Happy new year! Let's make our resolutions this year to fill our homes with wonderful custom family art. For an updated product and pricing list, please contact Willow Bay Photography!

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