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Last year, the littlest sweetie in these photos was on the inside. This is one of my favorite things about being a photographer: seeing how families grow and change over the years and celebrating those changes. She fit right in with her older brother and sisters, giving huge gummy smiles as they danced around and played in the leaves.

The purpose of the session was to capture some photos for Christmas cards, but the parents also asked if I would do a portrait of each child, since they are homeschooled, and don't get those cheesy school pictures every year. I had a lot of fun capturing each one's individual beauty and personality (and I don't think there's a cheesy pose in the bunch!)

These kids are not only seriously photogenic but they actually suggested poses to me, which I really adored! They weren't afraid to let me know what would make them the most comfortable and feel the best in their festive outfits.

To the family: Thank you so much for letting me be part of your holiday tradition. And happy first Christmas to Baby C. Here's to a lifetime of joyful celebrations!


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