Happy Birthday, Phia! | Cake Smash | Poquoson, VA

One year ago, I snapped newborn photos of Baby Phia and since then, I've taken photos of her family, her christening, and a gender reveal for her new sibling due next year! So I was really honored when her parents asked if I would photograph her first birthday cake smash session, it felt like coming full circle. Plus cake smash sessions are my fave. Cake and a floofy tutu on a cute one-year-old, what's not to like?

Apparently a lot. P tolerated the floofiness well but was not a fan of her cake. (!!!) She started off strong but as soon as she realized she couldn't get the icing off of her hands she was filled with regret. I always wonder what wildlife photographers feel like, when they photograph a lion prowling up on an innocent gazelle, do they save the gazelle or get the shot? Here, it was kind of the same feeling...do I wipe the poor baby's hands or zoom to capture the look of pure, adorable woe on her face?

In the end, we plastered the back of the cake with Cheerios, which P likes a lot better than icing, and

was restored.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIA! I hope this second year is filled with adventures, Cheerios, and lots of love <3

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